Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Joys (and horror) of Potty Training...
Well, Little Man Tate is just about 22 months old and to be quite frank, I'm sick of changing diapers. I'm sick of making sure I have enough of them when I go on a trip or to the grocery store. I'm sick of disinfecting Koala Bear stations so I can lay him down without feeling like a terrible mother. SO, I started potty training. Why not, right? Should be a piece of cake...!? Well, I started January 29th, 2013, a week ago today. I used the ebook featured on this site: http://www.3daypottytraining.com/.
First, I'll preface and say it took 3.5 days, not 3. Second, I'll proudly say that after 7 days of no diapers, my son has stopped peeing on my floor and started peeing in the toilet! Those first few days were rough. Actually, not true. Day 1 was amazing. I thought to myself as Tate lead me to the bathroom each time he had to do his business, Wow, this is a breeze. My son is a genius (HAHA). Don't get me wrong, we had an accident or two but overall he was very, very successful on that glorious day. Day 2 was a little worse than Day 1, which was expected. I mean, after all, he couldn't completely communicate to me that he had to use the bathroom and I was left trying to figure out his nonverbal cues. I blame myself for at least 1/2 the accidents that happened on Day 2. He even manages to successfully stay dry all night long! We had this down, right?
Then Day 3 came. It started of great, he continued to lead me to the potty, "Up Momma" he'd say. He'd take my hand in his and make a B line for the bathroom. That lasted for about 3 hours that morning. Then, he decided he didn't need the potty. And then the accidents started. He'd look at me, after I gently reminded him to "tell momma if you have to go potty" & "we have to keep our undies dry", and say "uh-oh" as he wet himself. Then, he'd fight with me as I tried to pull him into the bathroom, hoping we'd get there soon enough to finish. This went on for 3 horrific, awful, messy hours. He'd pee. Then he'd poop. Then he'd pee again. I swear, it was his way of rebelling against me. Showing me that he was NOT going to cooperate.
I swear, once the afternoon rolled around, I was ready to call it quits. Forget this! I thought, I'd gone through a bottle of floor cleaner and couldn't handle any more. Of course, that is exactly the moment he came to me, grabbed my hand and said "Up Momma". He lead me right to the potty, attempted to pull his undies down and climbed onto the stood. As he did his business, he looked at me and clapped. He was so dang proud of himself. Of course, I was too! I clapped and clapped, even broke out the potty dance!!! I wasn't sure if I was more happy knowing I wouldn't have to clean the carpet again or knowing that it had finally clicked for him and he had this figured out!!
Like I said, we are currently on day 7. We've had 4 successfully dry nights and 4 accident free days. I know that there will be set backs and wet bedsheets, but for now, I'll relish in the moment when he tries to exclaim that he peed to any and everyone who will listen!

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